Three Part Ab Workout
by Ted Bonham – Titleist Performance Institute Certified Director of Fitness

This three part workout exercises the overall body and is a great workout for men and women of all ages.  The only equipment needed is an oversized Exercise ball, ( Swiss ball, Physio ball ), and a Medicine ball. The weight of the Medicine ball depends on your physical strength and abilities. The average weight used is eight pounds (8 lbs).

Exercise Part 1
We begin by sitting on the Exercise ball.  Next we take the Medicine ball and touch our left side then our right side. Make sure you keep the head still and facing forward. We do ten (10) reps counting the left side touch then right side touch as one (1) rep.

Exercise Part 2
This exercise begins in the standing position. Like the first exercise, we take the Medicine Ball from side to side, however, lift the ball over your head as you go side to side. Again, make sure you keep the head still and facing forward. Ten (10) repetitions counting the left side then right side as one (1) rep.

Exercise Part 3
This exercise begins in the standing position with the Medicine Ball held overhead. We then go into a squat position, swinging the Medicine ball between the legs then returning to the standing  overhead position. There are several keys to doing this exercise properly. As you move from the standing position to the squatting position, keep the back as straight as possible keeping the butt low. I like to feel as if I’m more on the heels than the toes. Make certain you avoid  bending forward from the waist as this could cause lower back strain. Also during the squat, keep the knees over the shoe laces. Avoid the knees from moving inward or too much outside the foot. We want to work the glutes and hamstrings so as you return to the standing position, squeeze the glutes and move the hips forward to return to the start of the exercise. Do not use your back to lift.  Ten (10) reps with this exercise.

You will do all three exercises three times. This means three (3) sets of ten (10) repetitions for each exercise. Make certain with all exercises you breathe. Exhale during the exertion and inhale during the recovery. Take your time and control the weight.