Lesson Rates

1 Hour:  $70
3 Hour Package:  $175
5 Hour Package:  $275
10 Hour Package:  $550

1/2 Hour:  $35
3 Half-Hour Package:  $95
10 Half-Hour Package:  $300

TPI Evaluation & Follow-Up:  $175

Academy Member 1/2 Hour:  $30
Academy Member 45 Minutes:  $40
Academy Member TPI Evaluation & Follow-Up:  $129

About Ted Bonham

Specializing in Adults, Juniors & Titleist Performance Institute Fitness Training

Ted Bonham is the Director of Body Performance for Precision Golf and Tennis. He is a certified Titleist Performance Institute Instructor and a certified Sport Specific Personal Trainer and a Sports Conditioning Specialist through the International Fitness Professional Association. I received my certification through Dr. Greg Rose and Dave Phillips who are regulars on The Golf Channel.

“What I bring to you as a fitness instructor, is an in depth evaluation of your strengths and weaknesses. With this, I provide a detailed fitness program targeting those areas needing help while maintaining your strengths. I believe fitness training should be a positive experience. I like to have fun while achieving your fitness goals.

Ted has worked with golf professionals on the Champions Tour, LPGA Tour, Nationwide Tour, College All-Americans & junior tournament champions. In addition, he has trained junior & collegiate tennis champions. Ted’s expertise and skills in training athletes is tested at the highest levels and can also work for you. He works with many weekend golfers looking to gain an edge or just live healthier lives.