Ab Workout
by Director of Fitness, Ted Bonham

Three Part Ab Workout

This is a way to strengthen your abs and work all the muscles in those hard to work lower abs and obliques. The exercises can be done with a medicine ball that best suits your strength. If this is too much weight, try doing the exercise without weight at all and go through the motions of it.

Exercise 1: Lay straight on your back with your arms above your head holding the medicine ball and your legs straight. Keeps your arms straight and crunch up bringing your knees to your chest. Then go back to your orginial position in one fluid motion. The goal is to keep your feet off the group during the whole set. Do 12 reps.

Exercise 2: Lay straight on your back with your hands holding the medicine ball in front of your stomach. You will then crunch up and lift the medicine ball straight towards the sky and your knees will crunch up into your chest. Hold for 2 seconds and then go back. Keep your legs off the group during this exercise. Do 12 reps.

Exercise 3: The last exercise is the Russian twist. Sit up on the ground. You will then cross your ankles and lift them off the ground. Hold the medicine ball in front of you, then carry the medicine ball from one side of your body to the next. Do 12 reps.

For a full ab workout, do 3 sets of these exercises.