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Three Skills for Better Putting

Featured, Golf Tips, Headline, Precision Golf School, Robert Linville, Short Game

There are three  skills that you need to acquire to become a better putter.   You need to develop these skills by effective practice.  The three skills are 1.Green Reading 2. Start the ball on the correct line…

How to Lower Your Score by Changing the Way You Practice Your Putting

Featured, Headline, Precision Golf School, Robert Linville, Short Game

It’s Just Math by Robert Linville With the advent of ShotLink technology on the PGA Tour (since 2001), it is easy to find useful stats that may help you play better golf.  After all, it’s nice to know…

What is your playing “intention” mindset?

Featured, Golf Tips, Headline, Mental Game, Precision Golf School, Robert Linville

Understand Your Intentions We all enjoy the great shot.  You know the one…it’s the shot that brings us back.  It’s the shot that gives you hope in future shots.  It’s that feel good moment.  Sports psychologists try to…

How Far Should You Hit Your 6 Iron?

Featured, Golf Tips, Headline, Precision Golf School, Robert Linville

One of the more common questions that I am asked is about distance.  More specifically, people ask how far they should hit their 6 iron, or 9 iron, or 5-wood, etc.  The answer is, you should hit the…

Swing Thoughts

Featured, Golf Tips, Headline, Robert Linville

What swing thoughts are best and how many is too many? You’ve probably seen this illustration before. What’s the right thought?  What should I think of when I’m playing versus when I’m practicing?  Should I have I left-sided…

Maximize Your Clubhead Speed for Longer Drives

Featured, Golf Tips, Headline, Precision Golf School, Robert Linville

Hit longer drives by changing your angle of attack! Technology has helped many golfers hit the ball longer than ever.  The golf balls are better, the golf clubs are better, the technology to analyze swings and ball flights…

What is the PGA Junior League?

Chris Haarlow, Featured, Junior Golf, Precision Golf School

PGA Junior League Golf is a fun, social and inclusive opportunity for boys and girls ages 13 and under to learn and enjoy the game of golf. Like other recreational sports they are playing, participants wear numbered jerseys…

Improve Your Wedge Game

Featured, Golf Tips, Headline, Precision Golf School, Robert Linville

You can improve your wedge game by practicing effectively! One way quick way to score consistently better is to improve your wedge play.  Research clearly indicates that practicing correctly can improve learning and performance by up to 50%. …

Ask the Pro

Chris Haarlow, Featured, Junior Golf

by Chris Haarlow My son is enjoying Academy Classes.  What is next step my junior as  they continue in Academy? The Precision Junior Development Program Our Precision Junior Academy program is such a huge asset to the youth…

Summer Camps

Chris Haarlow, Featured, Headline, Junior Golf

by Chris Haarlow With summer golf right around the corner, we are gearing up for camp season. When I first moved to Greensboro and envisioned a year round junior program we needed to offer summer golf camps. That…