Way to Practice Your Golf Fundamentals During the Winter Months
by Teaching Professional, Tim Samelak

Today I’d like to talk about working on swing fundamentals during the winter months with the aid of a full length mirror. Most if not all flaws with the golf swing can be traced back to improper fundamentals like posture, stance, ball position, and takeaway. I will also talk a little about swing plane.
Position yourself facing a full length mirror with a 7 iron and take your normal stance.

  1. Pay close attention to make sure your feet are shoulders width apart.
  2. When you ground the club, make sure that the “ball position” would be 1 club head width INSIDE your left heal.
  3. Also that your hands arms and shoulders form a triangle. 4) Work on the takeaway with the hands arms and shoulders all moving together to a point where your hands are opposite your right thigh. Pay close attention that your wrists don’t manipulate the club during the takeaway.

Next position yourself with the mirror behind you.

  1. Take your stance with the club to see that you have good posture. Knees flexed, upper body hinged at the hips. Look to see that your shoulders are positioned over you kneecaps and the balls of your feet. You should be able to draw a straight line down from your shoulder.
  2. Work on your takeaway and backswing to make sure you have a correct swing plane. Draw a line up the shaft of your club from the ball and this is your swing plane. Make a short backswing focusing on a good takeaway and wrist hinge at your waist. You will know your club is in the correct position when the butt end of the grip is pointed at your target line as your wrists hinge. If you have limited space, you can use a cut off broom stick or golf grip instead of 7 iron.

Work with these “Fundamental Check Points” 15 to 30 minutes a day and I assure you that your golf swing will be ready when spring arrives.

Good luck and play well!!!