Quick to offer advice in a golfers time of  need, several “Tips” or jewels of advice may be offered.  One of my personal favorites would have to be keep the left arm straight.  The issue with this concept is the idea of turning the golf swing into more of a golf push, moving the head off the ball. This comprising solid contact and speed.

I view the process slightly different.  By maintaining a right arm extension through the backswing, your left arm will keep its tension.  The feeling is a slight pressure into the left thumb from the right palm.


The Right arm extension will help accomplish 3 major keys to success in golf:   

1. The swing radius should be maintained, from the clubs grip to the center of your body to provide resistance against club head throw away.

2. The head should remain stationed.

3. Speed is the key to longer shots.



soft left arm

Poor extension of the right arm through the backswing.
Notice how the radius is compromised. This encourages club throw away from the top.

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