Get Torque in Your Golf Swing – Fitness Tip
by Director of Fitness, Ted Bonham

This exercise is a great way to create more mobility in the Thoracic Spine.  In the alternate pattern of stability and mobility in the golf swing the Thoracic region is a key part of mobility and the Scapula region supports with stability. The Thoracic Spine and the Scapulas can reverse their roles in the golf swing because of a lack of mobility and can cause serious inconsistencies.

This exercise is in three parts. All three start on your side in the fetal position. A key to performing this exercise correctly is to use your bottom arm and hand to hold the knees so they do not come off of the mat.  The first exercise starts in this position with the upper arm extended out from your chest . Rotate the extended arm over your body. Follow the arm with the head and eyes. Try to touch your forearm to the mat behind you.

The second part is to create the same motion however instead of the arm extended, bend it so it forms a ninety degree angle. Maintain this angle and try to touch the forearm to the mat behind you.

The last exercise again is in the same starting position. Now , grab your rib cage to assist the stretch and try to rotate your trunk as far to the other side as possible. Make sure with all three exercises that you follow the arm with your head and eyes.

Perform ten repetitions on each side for a set of three. Once you start to get a little more stretched, try to do them with a light weight. A five pound dumbbell works well.