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Category - Mental Game

What is your playing “intention” mindset?

Featured, Golf Tips, Headline, Mental Game, Precision Golf School, Robert Linville

Understand Your Intentions We all enjoy the great shot.  You know the one…it’s the shot that brings us back.  It’s the shot that gives you hope in future shots.  It’s that feel good moment.  Sports psychologists try to…

Focus Right, Swing Tight! By: Justin Scott

Featured, Golf Tips, Headline, Justin Scott, Long Game, Mental Game, Most Popular, Short Game, Specialty Shots

The golf swing happens in only a few seconds.  With a short time frame and the high speeds achieved in a power golf swing, its imperative to take care of the set-up, one of the few things you…

3 Things to Make You a Better Player

Featured, Headline, Kelly Parker, Mental Game, Strategy

The Process of Improvement by Kelly Parker Golf and tennis have much in common in the way of the mental game.  Both being individual sports, the competitor is reliant on himself.  Once you have a solid swing, the…

How to Prepare for College Golf: The First Month of Summer

Featured, Headline, Mental Game

Article by Samantha Bonham Many golfers are beginning to make the transition between junior golf and collegiate golf. This was something that no one had really prepared me for. The summer before entering into college, not only are…

Course Management Strategies

Featured, Golf Tips, Long Game, Mental Game, Short Game

Course Management Strategies by Senior Instructor, Jay Patterson

The Ultimate Mental Strategy Tip by Dr. Bob Christina

Dr Bob Christina, Featured, Golf Tips, Mental Game

Mental Strategy Tip by Dr. Bob Christina Have you ever stood over various shots in tournaments and found yourself thinking about things like “don’t hit it in the sand trap; don’t hook it out of bounds; don’t hit…

The Late Season Lesson – Preparing for Regionals and State High School Finals

Chris Haarlow, Featured, Golf Tips, Mental Game

The Late Season Lesson – Preparing for Regionals and State High School Finals by Chris Haarlow Director Instructor Precision Golf School PGA Professional As the important part of the high school season comes into it’s final swing this…