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What is your playing “intention” mindset?

Understand Your Intentions We all enjoy the great shot.  You know the one…it’s the shot that brings us back.  It’s the shot that gives you hope in future shots.  It’s that feel good moment.  Sports psychologists try to help understand how to think better so we give ourselves the best chance to execute this great…

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Maximize Your Clubhead Speed for Longer Drives

Hit longer drives by changing your angle of attack! Technology has helped many golfers hit the ball longer than ever.  The golf balls are better, the golf clubs are better, the technology to analyze swings and ball flights are better, golf shafts are better, and we understand bio-mechanics of body movement better than ever.  How…

Improve Your Wedge Game | Precision Golf School

Improve Your Wedge Game

You can improve your wedge game by practicing effectively! One way quick way to score consistently better is to improve your wedge play.  Research clearly indicates that practicing correctly can improve learning and performance by up to 50%.  The concept is called random practice versus block practice, and the evidence is quite substantial that supports…