Proper Rotation Leads to Less Back Pain!
by Teaching Professional Justin Scott

The most common pain my students mention is back pain. Generally they attribute it to poor posture, sitting all day or a sign of age. After watching a few shots it’s clear they all share one or more common faults associated with back pain.

  1. Straightening the right knee. As the golfer swings back, the right knee locks causing a pressure in the lower back and the spine tilt to redirect toward the target.

    Fix: The right knee needs to maintain flex throughout the swing. Try getting into golf posture and flexing the right knee. Swing your golf club maintain the flex to ensure less pressure.

  2. Swaying or pushing to the right with the hips. As the golfer sways the hips back, in an effort to achieve the recommended 90-degree shoulder rotation, they end up with another spinal tilt toward the target. Another common effect is the left heel will rise. Some amount of heel lift are ok, but in moderation and in combination with a proper hip rotation.

    Fix: The hips are similar to the shoulders; they should rotate in the backswing and downswing. With the flex maintained in the right knee, feel the right hip rotate backwards, not sideways.

  3. The golfer is turning from the lower back and as a result the shoulder remain flat with little tilt forward. They think, my back hurts; I’ll turn flatter to protect it.

    Fix: Encouraging a forward tilt in the shoulders helps to deepen the turn and allow the back to turn from the current part of the spine.


  1. Place a club across the chest with the club head on the left shoulder and the grip on the right. Sense the flex in the right knee.
  2. Initiate the turn with the sensation of turning the club head toward the flexed right knee.
  3. While maintaining the flex and turn allow the right hip to turn away from club head. Notice the club head is now pointing toward your pile of range balls and not the head of the person hitting in front of you.
  4. Strike a golf ball incorporating the 3 prior steps.

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