wedgeYou can improve your wedge game by practicing effectively! One way quick way to score consistently better is to improve your wedge play.  Research clearly indicates that practicing correctly can improve learning and performance by up to 50%.  The concept is called random practice versus block practice, and the evidence is quite substantial that supports random practice.  Block practice is practicing one motion and one skill.  This type of practice helps with development of needed skills.  Block practice helps a player learn a skill and then develop that skill for use on the course.  Random practice is when a golfer practices a skill but continuously makes slight tweaks in the desired outcome.  This type of practice has been proven to be more productive when transferring the skills from the range to the course.

Let’s say your goal is become excellent from 50 yards.  The two approaches to practice would both be quite beneficial, but studies shown that random will produce much better results.  Let’s look at how block practice and random practice work.  Jim uses block practice to work on his wedge play.  He practices 30 minutes per practice session hitting 50 yard shots with the intent of playing each shot at the same trajectory and all carrying 50 yards. Jim works on the same set-up, the same backswing, the same swing pace, and everything else he can replicate to produce the same shot over and over.  Jim will definitely improve, actually he will make considerable progress.

Susan uses random practice for 30 minutes during each practice session.  She practices with 2 or 3 clubs, hitting each 50 yards.  She practices from different lies and practices different trajectories.  She practices hitting 40, 45, 50, 55, and 60 yards in random order.  Susan’s practice will be more transferable, which means she will actually be able to play better, more consistent shots than Jim give they practice an equal amount.

Experiment for yourself.  Make your practice a game.  Have fun inventing your way to practice and watch your scores come down!

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