by Chris Haarlow

How important is it to get my juniors equipment fit for them?  Also when do we know when to re-evaluate what equipment they are playing?

Getting equipment that fits the juniors properly is truly a huge advantage for juniors to learn properly. Gone are the days of cutting down an adult set, taping them up, putting on a grip, and then sending the kid outside to hit golf balls. Today, clubs are made specifically with juniors in mind! US Kids Golf is the leader in junior golf equipment. They offer the best clubs for starters through kids who play at a higher competitive level.

As a US Kids Golf Master Instructor, I know first hand from offer 18 years of teaching juniors that the equipment is key. Club heads and shafts are made lighter, shafts are more flexible. Both create a more enjoyable and positive experience for them in the learning process. With the lighter and more flexible shafts it really allows the junior to properly learn how to swing and see greater success early on.

Our Precision Golf Developmental Junior Staff will help you figure out the best fit for your junior as they continue to grow. Typically, kids ages 8-12 may need clubs each year as they grow continually and their strength also begins to build.

As a parent, you can ask a couple simple questions if you sense your son or daughter needs some new equipment:

*Do the club(s) feel too short?
*Do the club(s) feel too light?
*Have you noticed larger gaps in distance?

Based on the feedback they are able to give you, please ask our staff to check into the clubs to ensure they are correct.