Get the Angle of Approach to Create Solid Impact
by Chris Haarlow, Director Instructor

The proper swing should produce produce an impact and arc that is four inches in front of the ball. The video provides an easy three step process to improve impact and take the new swing to the course.

Firstly, set up two tees four inches apart. Swing slowly and impact the first tee as it were the ball and then clip the second tee on your way through.
Second, place a ball on a tee with separate tee four inches in front. Swing slowly again striking the ball and clipping the tee.
Finally, put a ball on the ground and similate a regular swing on the course.
The amateur golfer strikes the ball with an impact position that is either at the ball or behind the ball. The better the player the more angle of attack they produce, the bottom of the arc is further in front and thus producing more solid and consistent strikes.