We are up early to go to Thornblade Club to check in and play a practice round. Thornblade Club is the headquarters for the BMW Charity Pro Am. I knew we were facing a problem when we arrived at the front gate and the security guard asked for our credentials. Robert told Robo Cop that he was playing in the tournament and needs to check in so we do not have credentials yet. There was a pause as this idea permeated in the air. He finally locked on and let us through.

Faze two of the processing. We enter the club house and are greeted by several ladies at the check in table. We pass their admittance test and are sent to the final check point in the locker room. I now know where the airport TSA security got their template.

Robert goes to his locker by himself because caddies are not allowed. I go back to the car to get the mini cooper out of the trunk for our practice round. It was really cool in the player parking lot as every player stops by to check in. You see so many of the players you have followed on tour. Then there are the celebrities. Holly Saunders from the golf Channel is here. Did I mention Holly Saunders is here? There is quite the buzz that Holly Saunders from the Golf Channel is here. Hmmm, I wonder why?

As we head to the driving range to warm up it’s hard not to notice the electricity in the air. Equipment trailers, volunteers, lots of white tents filled with “stuff”. The driving range is filled with all different colors of golf clothing with the perfect golf swings inside of them. Ball after ball, perfect swings and ball flights. You definitely notice the rhythm and timing of the swings. They are a thing of beauty. Scanning the practice ground I notice two tents of interest; Caddy tent and massage tent. Ok I am feeling better about dragging the mini cooper around the courses knowing I will have food and I can get relief of my aches and pains. In the caddy tent they have water (the key to survival), fruit, coffee and pastries supplied by Panera Bread Company. Cool, a bagel with cream cheese and I
have some fuel for the first few holes.

Robert warms up on the range and putting green and seems not to be distracted by all the hoopla. His swing looks good with great rhythm and tempo. Pre shot routine is the same for every shot. He looks at me, hands me his club and says, “ let’s go play the course”. I immediately scan for the nearest cart. Got one close by so I commander it, load the mini cooper, load water and energy
bars, and drive the boss to the first tee. Again we are greeted by an amateur who wants to play 9 holes with us. Roberts welcomes him and we are on our way.