by Chris Haarlow

My son is enjoying Academy Classes.  What is next step my junior as  they continue in Academy?

The Precision Junior Development Program Our Precision Junior Academy program is such a huge asset to the youth in our region. Juniors learn all facets of the game through our Learn, Play, Grow System. The Playing aspect of our program covers all skill levels and engages juniors from 6-17.

The Leagues are a great way to learn how to play on the course.  We have designed the leagues to maximize the time on the course to ensure they are learning in the most efficient way possible. There are two leagues this spring. For the younger players, a developmental league on the par 3 course at Bur Mil on Saturday mornings. The older players are set up in the Competition League Sundays at Bryan Park.  They are both great avenues to give your junior the on course development they need.

Over the last couple years we have revamped this aspect of our program to create a more fun team like atmosphere.  In particular we adopted the PGA Junior League as our summer playing component. The league offers team shirts, mentorship, short yardages and fun for all skills.

These leagues are designed to prepare the juniors for their first tournament. This summer we will also be working in conjunction with the Carolinas Golf Association’s junior tournament Program called Tarheel Youth Golf Association (TYGA). The TYGA – Triad Chapter will be hosting events across the Triad.  Events will be open to those juniors who are ages 17 and under and will be a great addition to our program.

Playing golf on the course is vital for the kids to continue with the game. The leagues are great fun, family and friendly way for juniors and families to interact. Keep up to date with all that Precision Junior Golf Development Program has coming up . Also follow what our juniors are up to on our Instagram account @pgsjrgolf .