TYGA_TriadChapterPGA Junior League Golf is a fun, social and inclusive opportunity for boys and girls ages 13 and under to learn and enjoy the game of golf. Like other recreational sports they are playing, participants wear numbered jerseys and play on teams with their friends. It started in 2011 in just four cities across the nation. Leagues are formed between four to seven teams from surrounding areas. During the course of the season, you play each team in the League. The game is between two opposing teams, having four matches played throughout the round. Teams can have up to ten players per team. Eight players will play for each time in pairs of two. The other two remaining player will go out with a group and act as a fore-caddy and can substituted in after an individual match.

2015 was Precisions second year fielding teams to play in the League.  We had a great finish to our season having a team of ours win the North Carolina State Championship beating All-Star teams from Sedgefield Country Club, Starmount Country Club as well as Greensboro Country Club.  They lost in the regional championship, hosted in Sevierville, Tennessee, by one point to two great putts from Team South Carolina.  What I have taken away coaching PGA Junior League teams in our first two seasons is the mentorship goes along with guiding these teams to play well, with the shorter tees the kids see greater success and enjoy it so much more! Also golf is very individualized sports that seeing the juniors work together as teammates making decisions about play based on what is best for the team.

The 2016 season will begin June 9th and will go through July 21st. The Precision teams have paired up with Goodyear Country Club out of Danville, Virginia. We are looking forward to another great season of growth and opportunity in 2016!