“Get Around, Not Down”

When you are forced to hit a ball with more loft and control, the pitch is a great option.  However, many times we find the ball on closely mown grass near the green.  This nightmare of chunking and double hits can be exaggerated when you couple it with rain and soft conditions.  I’ve known people to cave to the pressure and putt from these treacherous conditions just to escape.

If you are getting into your “Pitch like the Pro’s”  Set-Up for success and still are experiencing issues around the green, especially on tight lies, this blog is for you!


Many times golfers try to direct your club head down to the ball, and then to the target, and several things go wrong:

First they lead with the handle, decreasing loft and striking the ground with the sharp leading edge.

Second, the swing is directed on a straight line to the hole, which is a prolonged amount of time to double hit the ball, which incurs a penalty stroke.
New Swing Thought

Understand the club only moves straight for a micro second, following contact, the club travels along the swing circle, In, Up & Left.  After taking your set-up, think “Get Around, Not Down through the ball,” focus on the inside portion of the ball, then make a smooth swing.

Notice with the Pro’s on T.V. after they pitch the ball, the hands, grip and club tend to be near their left pocket and the club head is to the right, in alignment to the target.   My first thought when I watch their technique is “The club is in their front pocket.”

Understanding the swing is a circular swing shape will offer you the speed and shallow angle of attack to hit consistent shots, even on difficult lies.

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