EEFacilityBThe Benefits of Off-Season Training: Utilizing Precision Golf School’s Indoor Studios
by Robert Linville

2014 marks the 25th anniversary for Precision Golf School. During this time we have always had had at least one indoor golf studio. We have two great options for you to work on swing mechanics during this off-season, with locations at both Bryan Park and Bur-Mil Park in Greensboro. Both heated studios have all all the technological enhancements in place to help you really make dramatic improvements in your swing mechanics and technique during this off-season.

I have seen many golfers make great improvements by working on their golf swings in the off-season. I have worked with Mike Goodes (PGA Champions Tour) for over twenty years, and during this time much of our work on swing technique has come during the winter season in our indoor studios. It’s just easier to make changes when you don’t have the fear of playing worse, therefore, working on swing changes when you aren’t playing as much gives you the mental and emotional freedom to focus on the long term benefits of the changes without the worry of poor results. Changes are more readily made by both the student and the instructor, which in turn leads to a faster learning curve.

Dr. Bob Christina is always talking to our students about staying in the process and allow the results to happen. Utilizing our heated studios and allowing our teachers to help you focus on making the appropriate changes will give you a distinct advantage when spring arrives. Our goal is to help you play better golf, and I beleive that you can great improvements this winter by taking advantage of our studios and fantatsitic teachers.
Fairways and Greens,