Golfers tend to share a major similarity, slicing!  We all begin the game the same way, working our way through this swing flaw.  Many golfers find themselves still in the slicing swing style, even after years of dedication to the game.

My observation is most golfers try to play golf on a level to the ground playing field.

1. As they make a shoulder turn they allow the shoulder to flatten & level to the ground.

2.As they transition into the downswing swing, the swing must steepen to get back to the golf ball.

3. This rapid change in shoulder tilt throws the golf club, causing a steep  and across the ball downswing.


1. Grab an alignment stick or golf club and place it along your collar bones, pointing at the target.

2. Rotate in a steeper fashion, feeling the object on your shoulders pointing more downward.

3. With a steeper shoulder turn, the shoulders no longer require a rapid change in tilt of the shoulders, allowing the arms to stay closer through transition.

Notice Rory’s shoulders, they point in the direction of the ball

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