Robert's Ready Position

Robert’s Ready Position

Starting at the beginning of the year, the Precision staff have been discussing the processes of learning, how different ages and different skills learn golf differently and much more on the subject!  But let’s face it, I’m a tennis player.  Listening to how all these things relate to golf is great, but I want to know how it relates to tennis.

So there was a little smack talking, some mimicking of our prospective sports and was born our newest Precision Challenge: Robert vs Kelly.

Robert is tasked to beat a 3.0 rated tennis player.  He must learn enough to win 1 set against any 3.0 rated tennis player.  Kelly must break 50 in her first 9 hole round of golf.  The catch: I must teach Robert tennis and Robert must teach me golf.

It a fair battle.  Neither of us have played our counterpart’s sport to much extent, we are both extremely competitive, and we are both claiming to be good instructors.  Well, Robert is a GREAT instructor and I am still learning the art, but we are both students of the game.  (I think I have the better end of this deal!)

Robert’s 1st Tennis Lesson

3/8/2013 – Today was Robert’s first tennis lesson.  We talked and talked about when we were going to do it, and finally we just went for it.  My first question over the phone, “Do you have clothes and shoes to wear that aren’t golf?”  His answer, “Bib overalls and tube socks”.

As taught from my mentor, there is a process in which strokes to learn first and the process in which to teach them.  I, of course, did not have any idea what I was working with.  So I start like I would with any beginner, and we learn to hit a forehand.  Pivot, turn, bounce, and “WHAM!”, Robert crushes the ball.  I have to say, I was not expecting the amount of pace that he generated.  Boom goes the dynamite!

Generally speaking, as an instructor, I really like to keep the amount of things I am saying to a minimum.  Meaning, I don’t want my students to try and fix 15 things at once, especially beginners.  I want you working on one or two things maximum and we get good at those.  But it is interesting to teach an instructor.  He knows all the mechanics already, they are just performed in a different manner in his sport.  Your shoulders and hips and wrists are all integrated in each sport, but they function differently and serve different purposes.  Our biggest goal of the lesson was to change the feeling from what is natural to what you need to do in this sport.

After 45 minutes, Robert still hit the ball very hard!  However,  he was getting the feeling of swinging away from his body and the low to high movement that is unique to the tennis stroke.  Next up: the serve.

Stay tuned for more information about my golf lesson with Robert.  Enjoy the video below of Robert’s first tennis lesson!