Robert Linville of Precision Golf School in Greensboro NC announces that he will become a PuttingZone Academy and integrate Geoff Mangum’s putting instruction programs with his existing golf programs. In addition, Geoff Mangum will also partner with the Precision Golf School, where he will present his renowned lessons and clinics and provide on-going training support for the Precision Golf cadre of teachers.

Robert Linville

Robert Linville commented: “I’ve known Geoff Mangum for over a decade now and watched his program of putting instruction grow to become the best in golf, and quite possibly the best in the history of the game. His research is astonishing, not simply for golf history and teaching techniques, but also for human movement and motor sports skills development. His results speak for themselves. Having Geoff direct our teachers for putting offers Precision Golf School the opportunity to present the best golf training in the Southeast, and expand our already successful program to become a major draw for serious players across the country. We’re excited about the future.”

The Precision Golf School joins the PuttingZone worldwide community of putting academies and coaches as the 23rd Academy. Over the past ten years, the PuttingZone has grown to include 109 Certified Coaches teaching in 20 countries: the United States, Canada, England, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain, Morocco, South Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea.

Geoff Mangum

Geoff Mangum, founder of the PuttingZone, said, “I’m thrilled to be asked by Robert to be part of his Precision Golf School. His teachers are some of the best around, and his school also has a tremendous reputation among serious golfers. Now the PuttingZone will be a major part of teaching in Greensboro. And the facilities at Bryan Park Golf Course and elsewhere in the area open up some really exciting possibilities for the PuttingZone as a research and teaching operation and as a base for the entire PuttingZone community.”


About Robert Linville and the Precision Golf School:

Robert Linville was an All-American player in college and then played professionally before becoming a course pro at Forest Oaks CC in Greensboro NC. In 1989, he founded Precision Golf School, and now has a staff of eight full-time teachers at five area courses. Robert is a top player and teacher in the Carolinas PGA, and between 1995-2006 led the Greensboro College Pride golf team as Head Coach to six consecutive top-5 finishes and the 2000 National NCAA Division III Championship. The Precision Golf School is located principally at Bryan Park Golf Course, Greensboro NC, with other programs at Bur-Mil Practice Facility, Greensboro NC, Stoney Creek Golf Course, near Burlington NC, and Salem Glen and Reynolds Park Golf Course in Winston-Salem NC.

About Geoff Mangum and the PuttingZone:

Geoff Mangum is widely regarded as the most knowledgeable putting coach in the world and has spent over twenty years studying and coaching putting to amateurs and professionals on all tours. The PuttingZone community includes 23 international Acadamies and 109 certified coaches in 20 Countries worldwide. Mangum combines the best putting lore with modern neuroscience for human perception and movement in putting’s four skills as an integrated system — reading, aiming, stroking, and controlling distance. The result is a permanent and dramatic increase in putting competence and the added confidence that comes with real skill. His book Optimal Putting: Brain Science, Instincts, and the Four Skills of Putting has been called “the best putting instruction book in the history of golf”. His teaching video with PGA Tour winner Steve Elkington, The Reality of Puttting, showcases Mangum’s innovative approach to putting. For more information, visit Geoff Mangum’s PuttingZone, 518 Woodlawn Avenue, Greensboro NC 27401, email him at, or call him directly at (336) 340-9079.