Pitch like the Pro’s!

In a given round of golf most amateur golfers will only hit approximately 50% of their greens in regulation, many will hit far less.  This offers a huge opportunity to lower our strokes per round by pitching the ball close enough to make more putts.

Plaguing amateur golfers is a fear of chunking the ground before the ball, and laying the sod over it.  Its not only a blow to the “Ego” but also painful and awful for your score.  Once you’ve done it, you get the privilege to perform the exact shot again from the exact spot.  If you’re tired of fearing this shot, this blog, Pitching like the Pro’s is for you!

Lets begin by looking at the feared shot, of chunking the ball.  The case can be traced to the set-up.  With a ball placed in line with the back foot, the mind has to figure a way to get the club under the backside of the ball, so it must be steep.  This decreases the loft of the club, increases the contact with the sharp leading edge and forces a separation of the arms or a flip of the hands to shallow the shot to save the day.


New approach:

1. Place the ball centered or even forward of center.

2.  Place the hands in line with the clubface, or even slightly behind the clubface.  This allows you to strike the ground with more of the bounce of the club, not the leading edge.

3. Move your lower body forward, while keeping your head centered on the ball.

4.  Keep the club head moving over your body with a rotatory action, not a hands driven action.  This will preserve the loft the club.


I would like to encourage everyone to make these changes,  you’ll be hitting more lofted and controlled shots in only a short while.


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