How to Hit a Side Hill Lie
by Senior Instructor Davis Troxler

North Carolina, in my opinion, is the best State to play golf in. One problem you can run into while playing in NC, are the rolling hills in the fairway. Those darn side hill lies with the ball above your feet can destroy a hole, if you are not careful.

These shots, after practicing them and with the know how, can be simple.
Here’s how:

At address, make sure to have the ball in the middle of your stance. Your weight on the balls
Of your feet. Make sure to choke down on the club you are hitting (with the ball above your feet, it will be closer to you). Now, make sure for a right handed golfer, you aim right of your target. You will either draw the ball or possibly pull the ball. Do not over swing.

There you are, see, this shot is not too bad. Make sure you practice it.

Have fun and stay safe.

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