EyeLine Golf Metronome at Precision Golf School

Tempo is the most personal aspect of golf. You have a natural speed of speech and walking. You also have a natural speed of stroke and swing. This training aid allows you to get consistent rhythm and teach yourself better tempo.

How to Use It:

Putting tempo
Find your perfect 1-2 rhythm, and repeat it every day… regardless of pressure.

Putting routine
If you are fighting the yips, experts recommend using a routine that has at least 4 beats.
The Metronome Pro lets you adjust the beat pattern to your perfect cadence.

Full swing tempo
The Metronome Pro has an adjustable beat pattern to perfectly fit your swing tempo.
Set the pattern to 2, 3, 4, or 5 beats back before you hear the “go” beep for your downswing.

Chip shot tempo
Set the beat pattern and tempo for solid chips… every time.

Pre-shot setup cadence
Tour players know when the pressure rises, the speed of their pre-shot routine gets faster.
By using the Metronome Pro they train themselves to walk into every shot at the
same speed – and expect great results.

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