Eyeline Golf Spot On LaserAre your eyes tricking you?

It is not unusual on the Tour for a caddie to line up our putting mirror and think it is aimed at the center of the cup. The player will look at it and say, “that’s aimed at the right edge.” Now what?

The Spot On Laser will settle the dispute. The Laser slides squarely onto the back of the EyeLine Putting Mirror and shows a dot at the exact target of the system. Your eyes will adjust quickly to see correct aim and your putts will be spot on. When the player stands over the ball again, he tells his eyes (not vice versa) where he is aimed. Within a few strokes, his eyes have adjusted and agree that he is aiming at the center. When the laser says the mirror is aimed at the center of the cup, no one argues. Both the caddie and player agree… finally.

Without the laser, confusion and mis-alignment will continue.  Moral of the story?  Use the laser to tell your eyes where you are aiming and they will eventually agree.

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