Impact Ball90% of golfers handicap 10 and above tend to have one of the following faults in their swing. Common symptoms are SCOOPING, TOPPED SHOTS, FAT, SLICE, FLYING ELBOWS, CHICKEN WING, DISCONNECTED, NO DISTANCE. This is a training aid that will help you improve your swing on your own.

Impact Ball Summary

The Impact Ball is an apparatus to be put in between the forearms. This prevents the arms from coming over the top or flipping at the ball and promotes more consistent golf swings. It is a fairly simple idea and is not terribly complicated to get used to.

Is the Impact Ball Effective?

The Impact Ball is effective. However, for the Impact Ball to make a real difference for you, you will need to devote at least 15 minutes a day to practice swinging with the Impact Ball.

Something great about the Impact Ball is that you can hit golf balls with the apparatus on. This in turn will help you better able to adjust to swinging without the Impact Ball.

Critics of the Impact Ball point out that it promotes a shorter swing. However, this might be a good thing if you are struggling to hit the ball straight.

How can I Purchase the Impact Ball?

Click Here to Purchase the Impact Ball for $39.99

Is the Impact Ball a Good Value?

If you are struggling with inconsistency in your golf swing, the Impact Ball could help you substantially. If not, there are probably better golf aids out there for you.

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