Build a Connected Backswing, with a Bag!  By Justin Scott

The eye is often drawn to the beauty of a great golfers takeaway.  The element of smooth connection, moving in a straight line up the shaft plane is easy to notice.


If you look at the PGA Tour, you wont see identical backswings, but there are a few will similarities you’ll notice. 

1. Connection of arms to body, driven by rotation, not shoving or pulling.

2. The club head staying outside, and rarely crossing behind the hands.

3. A fairly square clubface through the initial takeaway.

4. The club head, arms & body adjoining smoothly at the top.

Adam scott take away

Many amateurs have a differing takeaway.  The most common error is one where:

1. Club head is moved rapidly by the rotation of the wrist.

2. Club head that is behind the golfer and the hands separating from the body.

3. Lack of control of the clubface.


Bad golf take away

Next time you’re in the garage, backyard or even the driving range.  I would encourage you to line you stand golf back behind you.  Practice smooth backswings, driven by chest rotation  & arm connectivity while moving the club along the bag.


If your in need of new backswing mechanics, I would perform 50-100 times per day, or until the new habit has formed.


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