How often a child should practice between lessons is a question we get asked very frequently.  Ideally as an instructor you would say every day.  The reality is we all have very busy and active lives and our kids participate in many other activities.  I think it is best to get two or three good practices or opportunities to play in between each class or lesson.  That allows the juniors to work on what we have discussed and worked on with them.  For years we have watched the difference in practice levels especially as the juniors in their varying abilities.  Kids can practice every day poorly and see little changes, where as those who practice focused and really committing to the changes they made with their instructors see the biggest changes in the shortest amount of time.

Depending on the age of the junior is the time spent practicing per practice time.  Typically with our youngest golfers we suggest you do it in small sets of time. A good judge of time would be a small basket.  As kids progress into the middle school ages, as parents you can help guide them more diligently on what they have been working on and committing more time to each practice.  Our experience has shown that creating time in the families schedule can be challenging.  When golf practice is set as part of the weekly schedule it makes it easier to make happen.