March Junior Newsletter Note
by Chris Haarlow
It’s spring time and that means one thing for golfers The Masters! I have been fortunate to take numerous juniors and parents through the years to Augusta to see practice rounds or early rounds of the tournament. It is unbelievable to walk on the property and experience the event! If you ever have the chance to go, please do your self a favor and make the trip. You will never forget it!

Learning how to play is central to any sport especially golf in which all conditions change with every day and every shot. With this in mind, we will be spending a lot of time on the course in class teaching the kids how to play all types of shots. They will encounter buried lies in bunkers, long putts, side hill lies, rules, fairway bunkers, etc. The more shots they experience and learn in the classes the more they will challenge themselves in practice. These challenges are signs that they are ready to learn and play more on the course.

The Junior Classes this month will also have a Masters theme. We will be discussing the course, the history, the winner and all things involved with the event. Tying the big events the kids will hear about and watch on TV will help them explore and learn more about the game. Even you you are not a golf fan, please take a few minutes during the Masters to watch the event with your young golfer and let them experience a great event.