Improve Your Putting This Winter
by Director of Instruction, Robert Linville
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Everyone wants to shoot lower scores.  The simplest way to achieve this is to improve your putting.  It becomes much more difficult to practice with the daylight shorter and temperatures colder.  You can, however, use the winter to dramatically improve your putting.

I’m a big believer in training aids to help with feedback, especially in putting.  I have a Tour Links putting mat at home and I have the EYELINE putting plane mirror system.  I place the ball in the same position every time on the mat and I have marked the mat so I know exactly where to place my feet every time.  I go through the same routine every time, just as if I were on the course, which helps me work on my rhythm.

Now I know have the basics covered.  I know I have the putter aimed correctly every time by checking it with the lines on the mirror.  I know I am in the exact same set up every time, because I have the positions marked on the mat.  I know I am making a good stroke because of the feedback from the rails.  Finally I know the putter face was aimed properly at IMPACT if the ball goes in the hole.  The only variables I need to work on when I go outside to practice are correctly judging speed and correctly reading greens.

Work on these fundamentals this winter and watch your scores come down.

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