How to Practice a Bunker Shot – Splash the Sand
by Teaching Professional, Kathleen Strandberg

The correct way to hit a bunker shot is to actually hit the sand, and not the ball. To hit a good bunker shot, it’s important to take the right amount of sand, which comes down to where your club hits the sand in relation to the ball. The sand should explode the ball out of the bunker, which is where many players find the shot to be difficult. By drawing a line to practice this shot, you are able to see exactly where you are making contact with the sand.
Draw a line and set up to it as you would a golf ball, and make your bunker swing. If you are hitting too far in front of the line, then you would hit the ball first and hit a very thin shot. If you hit too far behind the line, you would have caught too much sand and the ball would likely not get out of the bunker.
To be consistent out of the bunker, it’s crucial to hit the same spot every time. This drill is a good indicator of just that.
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