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Category - Footwork

Tennis Tip: Footwork Between Shots

Dave McCain, Featured, Footwork, Headline

Tennis Tip: Footwork Between Shots by Director of Instruction, Dave McCain Footwork is an integral part of tennis. What someone does between shots is just as important as what you do when you hit the ball. After you…

3 Steps to a Great Return of Serve

Featured, Footwork, Headline, Kelly Parker

Tennis Tip: Return of Serve Footwork by Director Instructor, Kelly Parker Hitting a good return starts with good footwork. Most people who play today do not utilize the proper footwork to best help them hit a good return.…

Load Into Your Shot for Best Forehand

Dave McCain, Featured, Footwork, Headline, Tennis Tips

Load into Your Shot for Your Best Forehand by Director of Tennis, Dave McCain When moving to the ball, it is really important to get to the ball early. When you get to the ball late, what ends…

Good Footwork to Prepare for Your Shot

Dave McCain, Footwork, Headline, Tennis Tips

Good Footwork to Prepare for Your Shot by Director of Tennis, Dave McCain One of the key things to improving your Forehand or your Backhand is good footwork.  You want to take little steps to the ball and…

Improve your balance and you will improve your game!

Dave McCain, Footwork, Groundstrokes, Tennis Tips

Poor balance equals poor timing equals poor stroke production. One major problem that players of all abilities tend to experience is hitting shots off balance. Can a player improve balance?  And can improvement in balance improve a stroke? …