Greensboro, NC – Kevin McCallister has known for months that he wanted to play in the Bryan Amateur golf tournament.  The only program was he hasn’t let Chris LeClerc, the golf pro at Bryan Park, know of his intentions.  Any McCallister’s procrastination apparently had cost him a spot in the field. 

“I planned on entering and I just hasn’t gotten around to getting much stuff to LeClerc”, McCallister said.  “By the time I got my stuff to him, he said the field was full and he told me he put me on the alternate list.”

Fortunately for the 38-year old Precision Golf Student, LeClerc gave him a call a week ago to inform him a spot in the tournament had opened. 

McCallister didn’t need any more luck from there.  He went on to make the most of his second chance, overcoming windy conditions Sunday to win the three-day amateur event.

Well, to hear McCallister tell it, “windy” might be an understatement. 

“The yardage was 212 yards (to the green), but I’m not kidding you, when we stood on that tee, the wind was 30 to 35 miles an hour directly dead in our faces,” McCallister said of his view when teeing off at the 14th hole on the Champions course. 

The blustery weather made score shoot up on the final day, inducing Saturday’s leaders into rounds well over par. 

Dusty Roberts, who led by one shot going into the final round, fired a 5-over-par 77, and Scott Harvey, who was tied for second with McCallister, shot a 3 of 75.

McCallister hung on for the victory with a round of 2-over 74.

“I figured when I got there it was going to be a tough day and par would probably be a good score,” McCallister said.  “I didn’t imagine that it was going to whole lot lower.”


– Article written by David Reynolds with the News and Record of Greensboro