I know Mike doesn’t want me to publicize this……but he”ll just have to get over it.  I called Mike yesterday after caddying for Abby Bools at the US Open qualifier.  Mike wanted to know how Abby and Katherine played, so I had good news and bad news…Katherine won the qualifying and Abby unfortuantely missed by 3.  I asked Mike if he played or just practiced and he told me he played…….and WOW…did he ever. 

He was playing with Eric Anthony and they planned on playing 13 holes and going in.  Mike birdied 2 and 5, then the fun started on 7.  His next 10 hole beginning on 7…eagle, birdie, birdie, birdie, birdie, birdie, birdie, eagle, birdie, birdie.  That’s right ..a 10 hole stretch in 12 under par

I’m not sure that has ever been done before…anywhere or anytime.  They finish13 and a storm is building and by this time Mike is 10 under.  He tells Eric this may be like Caddyshack….I may have my career round and then get killed by lighting on 18 green…but we’re playing.   So they finished and now Mike has a new course record.   By the way…Eric shot 68.  He only lost by 11.

Keep up with Mike on the Champions Tour as it resumes in 2 weeks.