Maintaining Your Balance
by Davis Troxler, Teaching Professional

In the original movie, The Karate Kid, Mr. Myiagi told his karate student that balance is the key to life. That is true in life and also in your golf swing. To create a golf swing that produces both consistency and power, you must maintain balance throughout the entire swing. The key to achieving balance is to set yourself up with your weight centered over the arches of your feet.

Many golfers make the mistake of setting up with their weight on their heels, thereby locking their lower bodies into a stationary position, not ready to make an athletic move. Here is how to find your proper balance point: Standing tall with your feet spread shoulder width apart, bend forward at the hip joint and allow your rear to move slightly back. Now flex the knees slightly; this will allow your hands to hang in line with your chin and place your weight naturally onto the arches of your feet. Where you bend is crucial to finding your balance. It should NOT be a feeling like that of sitting down on a barstool; this would cause the weight to move back onto your heels. You are now ready to start your golf swing. When you start your backswing, your weight should transfer more towards the left side of your right foot, under your arch. (if you are right handed). During the downswing, your weight should transfer from inside right foot towards your left foot for your follow through. You do this without your body swaying from side to side.

Practice finding your balance just a couple of minutes a day and it will start feeling very natural. Remember, Balance is key.