Precision Golf School’s Mental Game Coach, Dr. Bob Christina is featured in the 50th Anniversary issue of Golf Magazine.  The September issue features an article entitled “The New Way to Improve” which highlights Dr. Bob’s research, in conjunction with his research partner Eric Alpenfels, on learning and its effect on improvement in golf. 

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The New Way to Improve

While you’ve been looking for a new way to get better and shoot lower scores, scientists have unearthed something far more important — how we learn to get better.

Published: September 01, 2009

We’ve never known more about the swing, enjoyed better conditioned golf courses, or used more advanced and forgiving equipment than we do today. So why hasn’t the average amateur handicap dropped in 50 years while the pros continue to set scoring benchmarks that would make Hugh Hefner jealous? Forget Ben Hogan’s mantra! The secret to success won’t be found only through digging dirt on the practice range (although practice certainly helps). The first clue might just lie in new studies by the world’s leading performance researchers, psychologists and kinesiology experts. These scientists haven’t discovered a new way to swing drivers, irons and wedges, but rather how we learn to swing these clubs. Getting in touch with their findings may hold the secret key to releasing the low handicapper within.

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