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Category - Training Aids

Implement Training Aids into Your Practice

Chris Haarlow, Featured, Golf Tips, Headline, Long Game, Training Aids

3 Steps to Implement Training Aids into Your Golf Practice by Director Instructor, Chris Haarlow

DAY 15: Putt Putt – EyeLine Extension Mirror

Headline, Training Aids

The Extension Mirror allows you to check your eyes, shoulders, putter face alignment, feet, and the putter shaft angle. It fits snugly against the Putting System mirror as shown. If you like to putt with your eyes “inside”…

DAY 14: Get Your Tempo – EyeLine Metronome

Headline, Training Aids

Tempo is the most personal aspect of golf. You have a natural speed of speech and walking. You also have a natural speed of stroke and swing. This training aid allows you to get consistent rhythm and teach…

DAY 13: Are Your Eyes Tricking You? – EyeLine Spot on Laser

Headline, Training Aids

Are your eyes tricking you? It is not unusual on the Tour for a caddie to line up our putting mirror and think it is aimed at the center of the cup. The player will look at it…

DAY 10: Improve Your Golf Swing with the Impact Ball

Headline, Training Aids

90% of golfers handicap 10 and above tend to have one of the following faults in their swing. Common symptoms are SCOOPING, TOPPED SHOTS, FAT, SLICE, FLYING ELBOWS, CHICKEN WING, DISCONNECTED, NO DISTANCE. This is a training aid…

DAY 6: Practice In Your Home During Cold Months

Headline, Training Aids

Once the winter hits, it becomes more and more difficult to practice your golf game. The winter chill keep us inside. Not to worry, you can still work on your golf game and the winter is the best…

Improve Your Putting This Winter by Robert Linville

Golf Tips, Robert Linville, Short Game, Training Aids

Improve Your Putting This Winter by Director of Instruction, Robert Linville Click Here to Order Training Aids Everyone wants to shoot lower scores.  The simplest way to achieve this is to improve your putting.  It becomes much more…

EyeLine Training Aid Review – by Robert Linville

Featured, Most Popular, Training Aids

  The training aid that we use most with our students is the putting mirror by Eyeline Golf.    This product is very simple and extremely effective in helping a player continually work on the correct fundamentals.  The putting…

Swingyde Training Aid – by Robert Linville

Featured, Most Popular, Training Aids

Training aids can be an asset to help speed up the learning process. There are literally thousands of training aids for golf; some are helpful and some don’t seem to accomplish much. We have experimented, tried, used, and…