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Category - Tennis Tips

6 Principles to Make Your Kids LOVE Tennis

Featured, Headline, Kelly's QuickStart Journal, Tennis Tips

Every tennis player envisions their son or daughter playing at the US Open or having Breakfast at Wimbledon while their child competes on center court.  The first step in making that vision a reality is giving your child…

Load Into Your Shot for Best Forehand

Dave McCain, Featured, Footwork, Headline, Tennis Tips

Load into Your Shot for Your Best Forehand by Director of Tennis, Dave McCain When moving to the ball, it is really important to get to the ball early. When you get to the ball late, what ends…

Hitting a Kick Serve

Featured, Headline, Serve, Tennis Tips

Hitting a Kick Serve by Teaching Professional, Clayton Hamilton Developing into a good tennis player requires skills in all aspects of the game. With these skills players will want to develop weapons to help win points quicker and…

FREE Tennis Clinic and Youth Registration Day

Featured, Headline, Precision in the News, Tennis Tips

Precision Tennis Academy is offering a FREE clinic and Youth Registration Day on Friday, March 2nd. Kids are invited to come out and participate in games, fun giveaways and much more! There will be information about spring clinics,…

Good Footwork to Prepare for Your Shot

Dave McCain, Footwork, Headline, Tennis Tips

Good Footwork to Prepare for Your Shot by Director of Tennis, Dave McCain One of the key things to improving your Forehand or your Backhand is good footwork.  You want to take little steps to the ball and…

Return of Serve Footwork by Kelly Parker

Featured, Kelly Parker, Return of Serve, Tennis Tips

Footwork on the Return of Serve by Head Professional, Kelly Parker A good return of serve can give any player an advantage.  It is one of the most important shots to learn and master in the game.  There…

The Continental Grip

Featured, grips, Kelly Parker, Tennis Tips

The Continental Grip by Head Tennis Instructor Kelly Parker The Continental Grip is used by most good players to hit serves, volleys, and overheads.  All players aspiring to improve these shots should use the continental grip for these…

Learn How to Hit Topspin by Dave McCain

Dave McCain, Groundstrokes, Tennis Tips

How to Hit Topspin by Dave McCain, Director of Instruction Creating topspin on your shots can be a great advantage on the tennis court. It keeps the ball higher over the net and makes it easier to have…

QuickStart Blog: Playing the Odds

Kelly Parker, Kelly's QuickStart Journal, Tennis Tips

Since my departure from college tennis and the National Championship team at Duke University, I have immersed myself into QuickStart tennis, dedicating most of the my time to 8 & under junior development. For me, it has been…

Tennis Tip: How to Hit a Short Ball

Dave McCain, Tennis Tips, Transition Game

Tennis Tip: How to Hit a Short Ball by Dave McCain, Director of Tennis at Precision Tennis Academy