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Category - Strategy

3 Things to Make You a Better Player

Featured, Headline, Kelly Parker, Mental Game, Strategy

The Process of Improvement by Kelly Parker Golf and tennis have much in common in the way of the mental game.  Both being individual sports, the competitor is reliant on himself.  Once you have a solid swing, the…

Tennis Tip: Getting Out of a Slump

Dave McCain, Headline, Strategy

Tennis Tip: Getting Out of a Slump by Director of Instruction, Dave McCain Many tennis players at some point go into a slump. The best way to get out of that slump is to not make drastic changes…

High Percentage Tennis by Kelly Parker

Groundstrokes, Kelly Parker, Strategy, Tennis Tips

What does it mean to play “High Percentage Tennis”?  You will hear instructors and coaches say this many times, but until you understand the angles of the court it will mean nothing to you. High Percentage Over the…