The word precision is defined as accuracy; exactness.  It is no surprise that the Precision Challenge would require the same elements of accuracy and exactness to be achieved.  So what exactly is the “Precision Challenge”?

My name is Kelly Parker.  I am currently the Director of Marketing at Precision Golf School & Tennis Academy.  My background is in playing and coaching tennis.  As a former pro tennis player, I understand the difficulties of challenging yourself when your victories solely depend on your performance.  Golf and tennis may have some similarities, but I perceive them as quite different in many ways.  The mental torment may be one of the large similarities.

When I started this job, the golf world seemed like a far away alien place in many respects.  I often misspoke the lingo.  Now, through my first year at Precision, I believe I can at least talk the talk (or translate what people are saying).  However, I have never actually played the game.  In an effort to learn more about the teaching styles, the personalities, and intricacies of the Precision instructors, I will partake in the Precision Challenge.

Over the course of the next four months, I will take a golf lesson from each golf instructor at Precision Golf School.  Nine of the best instructors in the Triad will teach me to play.  In March, 2011, I will take the course for the first time on my own.  My goal is to break 100.