Port St Lucie, FL

Was a good learning experience to have played in the PGA’s National Winter Strokeplay and be in contention (8th place after two rounds of 68-70 -6) then to have made a mistake that everybody at somepoint make’s, is a scoring error.  I signed and left the scoring tent to find out I signed for a wrong score, which resulted in being disqualified.

Wasn’t happy as you could imagine but I learned a good lesson seeing as it was the 1st time this had ever happened.

Caught up with Mike Goodes after that event and played with him at his winter base at the Fox club in Stuart FL, he is such a great roll model for competitve golf and always learn something playing with him. We had a couple games with another Champions Tour Player Mike San Filippo. This definately helped raise my belief and confidence levels going into the following weeks Matchplay tournament.  

Well the Matchplay event is really hard to get disqualified, seeing as there is no scorecard:) We got thru to the 5th of 7 matches (quarter finals) had 3 great matches that ended with my fate being sealed with the last putt on the 18th which I made 3/3 which was nice!

Well heading back to Precision to teach and keep working on the game til my next event which is Candian Tour School in Brookesville FL,  mid March.

Til then bye for now,