The Continental Grip
by Head Tennis Instructor Kelly Parker

The Continental Grip is used by most good players to hit serves, volleys, and overheads.  All players aspiring to improve these shots should use the continental grip for these three shots.  The Continental Grip is found where the heel pad and index knuckle of your hitting hand are resting on the second bevel of the tennis racket.  The easiest way to find this is by gripping your racket like your would a hammer.

For players just learning the grip, there will be some difficulties in adjusting, but some great advantages.  When using the grip to serve with, you will get increased spin.  As you get comfortable with the grip, you can advance your serve even more by varying the different types of serves you are able to hit including slice serve, kick serve, and flattening out the serve.

The best volleyers in the world use their volleys to take the pace off the ball and direct it.  The Continental Grip allows these players to adjust to low balls and redirect pace easily by opening the face of the racket.