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Tag - golf

EyeLine Training Aid Review – by Robert Linville

Featured, Most Popular, Training Aids

  The training aid that we use most with our students is the putting mirror by Eyeline Golf.    This product is very simple and extremely effective in helping a player continually work on the correct fundamentals.  The putting…

Improve Your Short Game by Robert Linville

Featured, Golf Tips, Most Popular, Robert Linville, Short Game

The short game system we teach is based on logic and fundamental principles. First, I believe there needs to be a logical reason to do things a certain way. If there is a technical and mechanical advantage to…

Swingyde Training Aid – by Robert Linville

Featured, Most Popular, Training Aids

Training aids can be an asset to help speed up the learning process. There are literally thousands of training aids for golf; some are helpful and some don’t seem to accomplish much. We have experimented, tried, used, and…