We have come a long ways since the first QuickStart class I ever taught last March.  The first student to sign up in my class was a 4 year old that is still with us and now hitting better than most of the 7 and 8 year olds.  Tennis is growing at a rapid rate, and I am finally seeing instructors take their knowledge to the QuickStart courts.

What I find to rewarding in many ways is that I am now able to do a lot of the same drills I can do with the older kids, but on the smaller courts.  We can play ping pong, king of the court, rush and crush and more.  Of course, every game can be interpreted to match their level, but the kids are having more fun now than ever before.  I had an enlightening moment the other day when one of my QuickStart kids asked about what those weird yellow balls were used for.  When kids are introduced to tennis through QuickStart, there is no negative stigma attached unless the instructor or the parent puts it there.

Watch this video:  http://youtu.be/MA5X1DnEUNQ

It will be easy to dispel any theory that, “I can’t hit it in because the court is too small”.