Junior Tennis Programs for Every Skill Level

QuickStart Tennis Progression | Precision Tennis AcademyProgress at all ages and skills levels at Precision Tennis Academy!

The Precision Tennis Junior Program offers a variety of instructional programming for the beginning player just picking up a racket to the experienced, tournament level player.

Programs for every skill level:

  • Personalized on court instruction
  • Have fun, make friends and improve your game
  • Focus on fundamentals & skill development


QuickStart Academy

QuickStart Tennis at Bur-Mil Park | Precision Tennis Academy

Designed for 12 & under Beginner Playersbullet_tennis

Utilize equipment ideal for your child’s size and skill: we are home to the Triad’s premier QuickStart facility offering courts and equipment ideal for learning in 8 & under, 10 & under and 12 & under disciplines.

Skill acquisition through games and play: at a young age kids will learn technique and skills through age appropriate games and play designed to help them succeed and learn quickly!
bullet_tennisFor the love of the game: we believe that if a child LOVES tennis, they will continue to flourish in the game. That’s why our QuickStart program is all about fun.

Junior Academy

Junior Tennis Academy at Bur-Mil Park in Greensboro NC

Designed for 13 & up Beginner and Intermediate Players

Consistent stroke technique: Kids learn basic technique and fundamentals in all aspects of the game including serve, forehand, backhand and volleys.

Developing a successful match game plan: Players will be introduced to strategy and court awareness.

Pinpointing and improving weaknesses: Players will go through a process of improving and understanding their strengths and weakness, how to develop those weaknesses, and how to create game plans around their strength.

Excellence Academy

Junior Excellence Tennis Academy at Bur-Mil Park

Designed for 13 & up Beginner and Intermediate Players

Stroke Development: Players will continue to fine tune and develop all strokes in the game.

Footwork and Agility Training: Students will be introduced to physical training to improve speed around the court.

Matchplay and Strategy: Players will learn on-court strategy and learn to develop their strategies based on the their strengths and weaknesses and their opponent’s strengths and weaknesses.

Tournament Preparation: Players will learn what it means to compete and know how to handle tough situations during matchplay.

Mental Toughness Training: Players reinforce understanding of mental strategies and tendencies under pressure while they prepare for tournament tennis situations.

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QuickStart Tennis at Bur-Mil Park | Precision Tennis Academy

Try our Starter Package! – $60-$75

  • One month (one class per week) of the Precision Junior Academy Classes
  • One 30-minute individual private tennis lesson with a Teaching Professional