Junior Tennis Academy

Where Every Session Starts with Fun!

Based on the philosophy & successes of the Precision Tennis Director Dave McCain, the instruction is designed to provide individualized instruction in a group setting. Every session insures each student receives the instruction required to improve.  The student-to-teacher ratio is limited to allow each student to receive the quality of instruction the Precision Academies are known for providing.  Clincis are led by Junior Tennis Instructor Matt Moscatello.

The Academy focuses on:

  • Learning the basic motor skills needed to complete at tennis
  • Consistent stroke technique
  • Pinpointing and improving weaknesses

About 12 & Under Tennis Instruction

12 & Under Tennis is an exciting play format for learning tennis, designed to bring kids into the game by utilizing specialized equipment, shorter court dimensions and modified scoring, all tailored to age and size. It’s the fast, fun way to get kids into tennis– and keep them playing.  At Precision Tennis, we will utilize three age groups… QS Tots & Aces for ages 4 – 8, Slammers 9 – 11, and 12 & under tennis. We will utilize the variable modifications listed below.

Properly Sized Equipment

This format uses equipment that is best for your child’s age and size. In the chart below the red ball indicates 8 & under play and the orange ball indicates 12 & under play. Equipment is available for purchase.

QuickStart 10 and under tennis at Bur-Mil Park and Friendly Park Tennis