How to Use the Semi-Western Grip
by Teaching Professional, Clayton Hamilton

Semi Western grip has become the grip of the modern tennis game. It allows for top spin which gives a player advantage to hit deeper into the court.

Semi-Western Grip

The hand placement for this grip is where the heel pad as well as the base knuckle rest on the 4th notch of the racket. To check to make sure a player has this grip, when a player takes their racket back, the strings should be facing the player and their palm is facing away from them. The advantages to using this grip are more spin and power on the forehand as well as being able to control higher balls hit by the opponent. It also allows a player a bit of disguise on where they are hitting the ball which helps confuse the opponent.

The modern game of tennis sees most players using this grip to develop spin to cause problems for their opponents across the net. Using the Semi Western grip will give a player more spin allowing them to hit with power and deeper in the court.

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