Hitting a Kick Serve
by Teaching Professional, Clayton Hamilton

Developing into a good tennis player requires skills in all aspects of the game. With these skills players will want to develop weapons to help win points quicker and more efficiently. One effective weapon is the Kick Serve. The Kick Serve is a serve where the ball has a lot of top spin. A kick serve can really throw some variety into one’s service game. The Keys to hitting a good Kick serve are simple.

  1. Body position: When on the baseline you want turn more sideways to the court to get the correct positioning with your feet about shoulders width apart. The Grip to use is a continental grip also known as the Hammer Grip.
  2. Shifting Your Weight: As you begin your toss, you want to make sure that you are shifting your weight from your back leg to your front leg. This allows you to use your weight to gain moment and power on the ball. The ball and racket separate as you take your racket back and begin to lift the ball into the air to toss.
  3. Toss Location: As you take your racket back, the ball should be tossed in the air. The location of a ball toss is one of the most important parts of a Kick serve and serving in general. The toss should be behind a players left shoulder if they are right handed.
  4. Brushing up the ball: Once the ball has been tossed behind your shoulder, you want to explode up towards the ball. As you make contact with the ball you want to brush up the back of the ball forcing it to spin forwards. The ball should have arc to it after you make contact.
  5. Finishing: Once you have made contact you’re shifting of the weight and exploding up towards the ball should carry you forward into the court. As the ball lands in the service box you will see the spin you put on the ball kick up higher and faster to your opponent making it difficult to return a clean hit ball.

Following these steps should allow you to hit a kick serve more effectively and variety to your service game. The kick serve will help make a player a more effective tennis player. The kick serve is easy to learn with an instructor and difficult on your own. To learn a kick serve you basic serve motion has to be correct.

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