There were lots of fun activities on the QuickStart courts this weekend.  My husband and I decided to battle my mother and brother-in-law in some QuickStart doubles.  Although we were past the height requirement (or at least they were), we played with the appropriate QuickStart equipment.  This is the best my serve has ever been! 

This weekend also marked the first day for Junior Team Tennis to be played in the QuickStart format at Bur-Mil Park.  We did a very wise thing before today’s match.  On Friday, we invited all our team members to come out and meet the coaches and fellow teammates.  While we were there, we went through all the rules they would need to know before they played.  They learned where to serve from, what is in and out, where to return serve from, and much more.  The parents learned all these things too!  Did you know there needs to be a parent volunteer on every court?  Our practice session was just as important for them as it was for the kids.  Once we went through all the rules, we played a practice match!

Today, our kids came out with confidence in themselves.  They were not always the best players, but their knowledge gave them confidence in themselves.  The kids that didn’t make it to our day before “meet and greet” were weighed down with having to learn the rules and learn how to play all at once.  It seemed overwhelming for those kids. 

My highlight of the day was watching one of the kids that comes to our 5 and 6 year old clinic.  Yes, this little boy is 4 years old and is playing Junior Team Tennis.  I may be crazy for letting him play on the team, but he did awesome!  He served overhand and got it in the court.  He split sets in both his matches.  Watching all kids play today made the day so much fun!